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North by Northwest full movie is released on Dec 18, 1959. Watch North by Northwest online - the English Action movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $142,319. North by Northwest is directed by Alfred Hitchcock and created by Ernest Lehman with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. North by Northwest is available online on HBO Max and Apple iTunes.

Madison Avenue advertising man Roger Thornhill finds himself thrust into the world of spies when he is mistaken for a man by the name of George Kaplan. Foreign spy Philip Vandamm and his henchman Leonard try to eliminate him but when Thornhill tries to make sense of the case, he is framed for murder. Now on the run from the police, he manages to board the 20th Century Limited bound for Chicago where he meets a beautiful blond, Eve Kendall, who helps him to evade the authorities. His world is turned upside down yet again when he learns that Eve isn't the innocent bystander he thought she was. Not all is as it seems however, leading to a dramatic rescue and escape at the top of Mt. Rushmore.

As know as:

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, De man die verdwijnen moest, 北西北, La nord, prin nord-vest, 奪魄驚魂

Release Date:

Jul 17, 1959

Release Date (Streaming):

Nov 03, 2009


United States


English, French

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Production Companies:

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Gross worldwide:



Alfred Hitchcock takes you.... North by Northwest!, A 2000 MILE CHASE . . . That blazes a trail of TERROR to a gripping, spine-chilling climax !, The Master of Suspense presents a 2000-mile chase across America!, The Master of Suspense weaves his greatest tale!, It's a deadly game of "tag" and Cary Grant is "it"!, It's love and murder at first sight!


Wendy Ide
Times (UK)
The plotting is tightly wound and the thrills are executed with devilish panache.
by rottentomatoes, Aug 29, 2022
Pauline Kael
New Yorker
Though not as cleverly original as Strangers on a Train, or as cleverly sexy as Notorious, this is one of Hitchcock’s most entertaining American thrillers.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 06, 2022
Barbara L. Wilson
Philadelphia Inquirer
Alfred Hitchcock's new thriller, North by Northwest, is one of those no holds barred films. For better than two hours, he lets the Technicolor melodrama ramble across the VistaVision screen while gleefully setting traps for his hero.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 09, 2021

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