No Play full movie is released on Dec 03, 2021. Watch No Play online - the English Crime movie from Nigeria. No Play is directed by Eghe Nimose and created by Aghayedo Kelvins Eghosa with Archangel Amilord and Onoja James Arome.

SOJ (pronouced S, O, J) the drug peddler had a transaction with Usman to deliver some packs of cocaine to Django and return the proceeds within 2 hours. Time past, Usman failed and calls put through too. SOJ was forced to reinforce and solicit the service of hitman Agbaka and his men. On a commando-style arrival at Django hideout, several of Django men were killed and the drug and other valuables were taken. A twist of event was Agbaka founding out Django was a long time friend, but surprisingly Agbaka still ordered his men to shot and kill Django. Subsequently series shows the re-appearance of Django and a re-enforcement to retaliate and recover his stolen stuff.

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