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Neighbors full movie is released on May 09, 2014. Watch Neighbors online - the English Comedy movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $270,665,134. Neighbors is directed by Nicholas Stoller and created by Andrew Jay Cohen with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Neighbors is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Kelly and Mac are settling down in a quiet neighborhood with their newborn child, until the frat brothers move into the house next door. Teddy is the President, and Pete is his right hand man, and they're quick to accept friendship when Kelly and Mac introduce themselves as the neighbors. Night after night, Mac asks Teddy to lower the fraternity's noise, even accepting the invitation to the party one evening. When Teddy goes back on his word to keep the partying down, Mac calls the police to deal with the problem. The police quickly blame Mac for their presence, and the war begins. As the family feuds with the frat brothers, things get hilariously dangerous and the fraternity ends up on thin ice with their college. After receiving their final warning and being placed on probation, Mac and Kelly pull a prank so ingenious that Teddy and Pete are forced to respond. All hell breaks loose, from Robert DeNiro parties to Christopher Mintz-Plasse having sex in the bushes, this comedy shows how things can go really wrong really quickly when a family and a frat house become neighbors.

As know as:

Vizinhos, Malditos vecinos, Sousedi, Pis Qonshular, Bad Neighbors

Release Date:

May 09, 2014

Release Date (Streaming):

Sep 23, 2014


United States


English, Ukrainian

Stream Service:

Universal Pictures

Production Companies:

Good Universe, Point Grey Pictures

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Official site

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Family vs. frat, The battle for the street begins.


David Sims
The Atlantic
Byrne walks away with the film by making Kelly a well-rounded, conflicted person, rather than the film's fun cop who has to tell everyone the boring truth.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 22, 2016
Jason Bailey
It may seem counterintuitive to praise the emotional maturity of a movie whose climax includes a dildo fight, but there you have it.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 18, 2016
Larushka Ivan-Zadeh
Most of the non-leads are underdrawn but laughs keep coming, only just bouncing this up from three stars to four.
by rottentomatoes, May 13, 2014

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