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My Tutor Friend (also know as Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi) full movie is released on Jan 30, 2003. Watch My Tutor Friend online - the Korean Action movie from South Korea , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $17,896,209. My Tutor Friend is directed by Kyeong-hyeong Kim and created by Soo-Wan Choi with Ha-neul Kim and Kwon Sang-woo.

Kim Ji-Hoon and Choi Su-Wan are both 21, born 3/1982. Su-Wan is a Year 2 University student while Ji-Hoon is only a high school student (Repeating 3rd year). Su-Wan's father lose his job, and her mother works in family business, killing chickens and sell them like Kentucky fried chicken, like that kind of shop but it's family business. Su-Wan needs to earn money to help the family from poverty. Her chicken-expert mother has a rich friend, whose son is Kim Ji-Hoon, needs a tutor who can force Ji-Hoon to sit down and study for 2 hours in 3 months. The salary of this tutorial pays Su-Wan her entire semester, half of the school term. Ji-Hoon is a school fighter, loves fighting, and always attract girls, draws attention. Except studying, Ji-Hoon is really a all-rounder. Ji-Hoon was being sent to USA to study abroad when young. His relation with parents is bad due to they sent him to USA when he was young. To avoid being sent to USA again, Ji-Hoon has to gain an average of 50.0 marks in this mid-term exam, but ji-hoon's usual average mark is 8.0 marks. could he make it?

As know as:

Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi, Моя подруга - репетитор, Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi, My Tutor Friend, Band5


South Korea



Production Companies:

CJ Entertainment, Corea Entertainment, Discovery Venture Capital

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