Mogadischu full movie is released on Nov 30, 2008. Watch Mogadischu online - the German Crime movie from Germany. Mogadischu is directed by Roland Suso Richter and created by Maurice Philip Remy with Thomas Kretschmann and Nadja Uhl.

On September 5, 1977 in Colgone, Germany during the German Autumn of 1977, businessman Hanns-Martin Schleyer is kidnapped by Palestinian-Arabic terrorists from the RAF (Red Army Fraction). They demand the release of their former leaders Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe from the , who are arrested in the prison of Stammheim Prison in Stuttgart, Germany. However, the democratic West German party, lead by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt refuses to negotiate with terrorists and doesn't want to give into their demands because he doesn't want to ruin his or Germany's reputation so that it remains as a powerful, strong, free and democratic country. When the German government delays, and eventually refuses this release, some other Palestinian Arabic terrorists friends of the RAF) who are four members of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) with close, friendly ties to the RAF hijack a homeward bound Boeing 737-230C Lufthansa plane with the name "Landshut" with German tourists aboard using fake passports and identities, smuggling weapons on board on the early afternoon of October 13, 1977. After a five long day crisis, showdown takes place at the Somali capital of Mogadishu Airport where, after the plane arrives at it's final destination, the hijacking rises to it's climax and passengers brace for what might be their last moments of life. The plot follows the real-life events

As know as:

Mogadiscio, destination terreur, Bine aţi venit la Mogadishu, Могадишо, Mogadishu Welcome, Mogadischu


Germany, France


German, English, Arabic

Production Companies:

teamWorx Television & Film

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