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Marked Woman full movie is released on Apr 10, 1937. Watch Marked Woman online - the English Crime movie from United States. Marked Woman is directed by Lloyd Bacon,Michael Curtiz and created by Robert Rossen with Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. Marked Woman is available online on Apple TV and Amazon Video.

In this roman-a-clef for the infamous Lucky Luciano Trial, Mary Dwight and four roommates work as hostesses at the Club Intime, a "clip joint" that offers gambling, liquor, and female companionship to the "big spender" clientèle. When ruthless thug and pimp Johnny Vanning takes over all the clubs in town, the girls are forced to follow Vanning's rules and kick back on their "tips" in exchange for protection. Although she is not a hardened old hand like Gabby and Estella, Mary knows enough to sidestep Vanning's amorous advances. Unfortunately the more naive Mary Lou is impressed by Vanning's oily veneer of materialism and accepts invitations to "entertain" at the gangster's private parties. Mary's naive younger sister Betty arrives from college just when Mary and her roommates are arrested as material witnesses in the murder of one of the casino's non-paying customers. Vanning's corrupt lawyer frees the others but pressures Mary to commit perjury in order to discredit crusading District Attorney David Graham. Disillusioned by her sister's lifestyle. Betty consents to accompany Emmy Lou to one of Vanning's private parties where the gangster ends up killing her for not submitting to the advances of one of the party's guests. Mary decides to tell the truth to the D.A., and is beaten to disfigurement by one of Vanning's hoods. Even so, Mary agrees to testify - and at her bedside, all the other hostesses decide to follow her example in the coming hearing. (original by duke1029)

As know as:

Die gezeichnete Frau, Femmes marquées, Le cinque schiave, Obeleležene žene, Storstadsdesperados


United States



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Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros.


A Star Teaming You'll Never Forget!, The Kind Ladies Don't Talk To!, Just a nice girl- who got caught in a racket! (Print Ad- fort Dodge Messenger-Chronicle, (Fort Dodge, Iowa)) 13 August 1937), NOTE TO PARENTS! THIS IS STRICTLY ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! CHILDREN WILL NOT UNDERSTAND OR ENJOY THIS TYPE OF STORY! (Print Ad- Lawrence Daily Journal-World, ((Lawrence, Kans.)) 20 April 1937), WE WARN YOU! Don't come unless you really want to know danger, excitement, adventure! And if you want to know the truth about the other side of life-run, don't walk to this theatre! (Print Ad- Syracuse Journal, ((Syracuse, NY)) 13 April 1937), THEY'RE FRONT PAGE NEWS! Girls you read about, but seldom see! (Print Ad-Philadelphia Inquirer, ((Philadelphia, Penna.)) 9 April 1937), A Side of Life You've Heard of Only in Whispers! (Print Ad-Waterbury Evening Democrat, ((Waterbury, Conn.)) 3 May 1937)

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