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Marighella full movie is released on Apr 30, 2021. Watch Marighella online - the Portuguese Action movie from Brazil. Marighella is directed by Wagner Moura and created by Felipe Braga with Seu Jorge and Bruno Gagliasso. Marighella is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Kanopy.

1969. Marighella had no time for fear. On the one hand, a violent military dictatorship. On the other, an intimidated left. Alongside, revolutionaries 30 years younger than him and willing to fight, the revolutionary leader opted for action. In Wagner Moura's,"Marighella," Brazil's number one enemy attempts to articulate a resistance all the while ousting the heinous crimes of torture and the infamous censorship instituted by the oppressive regime. In a radical face off, he fights for a people whose support is uncertain - all the while trying to a keep the promise of reuniting with his son - who he distanced himself from in order to protect.

As know as:

Маригелла, 馬里蓋拉:革命先鋒, Marighella, マリゲーラ





Production Companies:

O2 Filmes, Globo Filmes, Maria da Fé

Official Site:

ArtMattan Films

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