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Live Twice, Love Once (also know as Vivir dos veces) full movie is released on Sep 06, 2019. Watch Live Twice, Love Once online - the Spanish Comedy movie from Spain , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $368,430. Live Twice, Love Once is directed by Maria Ripoll and created by María Mínguez with Oscar Martínez and Inma Cuesta. Live Twice, Love Once is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

2018, City of Valencia (east to Spain). Emilio is a retired academic teacher, widow five years ago of his wife Carmen, who lives the days in a comfortable routine eating in the same bar and solving magic squares in the pastimes until that one day he has difficult to complete the square and confuses the streets to back home. Going to the hospital for a routine medical check, he is diagnosed with the first stage of the Alzheimer's disease, which eventually will delete all his mind and remembers. Just when he leaves the hospital Emilio meets by chance with Julia, his stranded daughter, who works as medical commercial. Noticing about the disease, Julia invites Emilio to a family lunch with his dysfunctional family composed by her husband and his son-in-law Felipe, who tries to be an Internet motivational coach after he was fired of his previous job, and his lame granddaughter Blanca, a 11 years old child as streetwiser as expert in the cell phones and social networks, to consider options when the disease is advanced, being despised by Emilio. Man of the 20th century living without TV and totally unfamiliar to Internet, a visit of Blanca to Emilio's house put him on the track of Margarita, his lost youth love which he met being child but he left go to follow his studies. The same day that Blanca discovers his father being unfaithful with another woman when she was entering in the school, Blanca catches Emilio nearly to travel driving his car to Navarra (north to Spain) for meeting Margarita, and blackmails him to go together to meet her. But in a gas station Emilio suffers a temporal memory loss forgetting about Blanca, making that the gas station attendant calls the police. Forcing Julia and Felipe to go there, Emilio tells Julia the reason of the travel. Reluctant about it after to know the feelings of him about her deceased mother and Margarita, Julia changes of idea after a bitter talking with Blanca where Julia is reported about Felipe's affair. It causes that the four move to Navarra for finding Margarita, in a travel where they not only will have the chance to connect as a family again, but to remember the true meaning of life and the things that really matter.

As know as:

Vivir dos veces, Ζήσε δύο φορές, αγάπα μία, Még egy esély, Viver Duas Vezes, Lebe zweimal, liebe einmal




Spanish, Catalan

Production Companies:

Alamar Cinena 161, Convoy Films, Crea SGR

Gross worldwide:


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