Ladies in Retirement full movie is released on Sep 09, 1941. Watch Ladies in Retirement online - the English Crime movie from United States. Ladies in Retirement is directed by Charles Vidor and created by Garrett Fort with Ida Lupino and Louis Hayward. Ladies in Retirement is available online on Amazon Prime Video and The Roku Channel.

In the late nineteenth century, Ellen Creed works as the live-in companion to Miss Leonora Fiske, a retired actress who lives in the English countryside and who still retains her theatrical mannerisms. Ellen receives notice that the landlady of her two sisters, Emily Creed and Louisa Creed, who currently live in London, is threatening to call the police to haul them away to an asylum because of their disruptive behavior due to their mentally deranged state. Ellen will not allow her sisters to be institutionalized, and convinces Miss Fiske to allow them to stay with them for a couple of days. Miss Fiske was unaware of their deranged mental state when she agreed and is also unaware that Ellen hopes to make their stay permanent. Both issues eventually become apparent to Miss Fiske, who cannot tolerate how Emily and Louisa disrupt her home life. However, Ellen "convinces" Miss Fiske to take an extended leave from the house, while Ellen tells her sisters that she bought the house from Miss Fiske, which the sisters are not to tell anyone else. The secrets that Ellen is keeping about the situation threaten to bring her and her sisters' lives down when they receive a visit from their distant nephew Albert Feather, a cad who has his own financial well being as his main priority.

As know as:

Mistério de uma Mulher, Дамы в отставке, 生きてる死骸, Retiradas do Mundo, Skuggornas hus


United States



Production Companies:

Columbia Pictures


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