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Jindabyne full movie is released on Jul 20, 2006. Watch Jindabyne online - the English Crime movie from Australia , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $6,044,112. Jindabyne is directed by Ray Lawrence and created by Beatrix Christian with Chris Haywood and Tatea Reilly. Jindabyne is available online on Apple TV and Amazon Video.

Jindabyne, in the southeast section of New South Wales, was moved to its current site from its original site upon the building of a hydroelectric dam, the resulting reservoir, Lake Jindabyne, which now sits atop the original townsite. Among its residents are a group of friends who socialize together: married Stewart and Claire, a service station owner/former race car driver and a pharmacist respectively, and their school age son Tommy; married Carl and Jude, who have been guardians to their granddaughter Caylin-Calandria, Tommy's friend and disruptive classmate, ever since her mother's passing; Rocco and his new aborigine girlfriend, Carmel, a teacher at Tommy and Caylin-Calandria's school; and young parents Billy and Elissa, Billy who works casually as a mechanic for Stewart. Despite Stewart and Claire loving each other, there has long been disharmony in their household. Claire left for eighteen months following Tommy's birth due to post-partum depression. Then, Stewart's mother moved to Jindabyne to look after Tommy, but still undermines Claire as a parent. And Claire doesn't like Stewart's closed emotional state, she who just wants them all to connect as human beings. As they do every year, the four men embark on a multi-day fly fishing trip to a remote section of the river. Shortly upon their arrival, Stewart discovers the dead body of a young aborigine woman in the river. What the men decide to do, or not to do, ends up receiving the wrath of general populace, but especially that of the aborigine community. It also has the potential to tear the friendship among this group, as well as Stewart and Claire's marriage, apart. Through it all, Claire, in that want for human connection, does what she believes is the right thing, which is not always met with what is her intent.

As know as:

Under overflaten, Jindabyne, Australie, Jindabyne, Vízbe fojtott bűnök - Jindabyne, Джиндабайн




English, Irish Gaelic, Aboriginal

Production Companies:

April Films, Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC), Red Chair Films

Gross worldwide:



Under the surface of every life lies a mystery, In Australia, the town of Jindabyne is about to face a moment of truth.

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