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Jeepers Creepers full movie is released on Aug 31, 2001. Watch Jeepers Creepers online - the English Horror movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $59,371,303. Jeepers Creepers is directed by Victor Salva and created by Victor Salva with Gina Philips and Justin Long. Jeepers Creepers is available online on Hoopla and Tubi TV.

On their way back home during the spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner witness a mysterious person dumping something down a tunnel. Deciding to discover what was dumped down there, Darry discovers a huge disturbing hideout full of modified bodies. Darry and Patricia set off to get help, unaware that the individual is now aware of who has been down the tunnel. Darry and Patricia soon realizes that their pursuer is not just a mysterious person, but something even more horrifying, who has more in store than they could possibly imagine.

As know as:

Jeepers creepers: El terror existe, Крийпър, El demonio, Here Comes the Boogeyman, Джиперс Кріперс

Release Date:

Aug 31, 2001

Release Date (Streaming):

Jan 08, 2002


United States, Germany



Stream Service:

United Artists

Production Companies:

United Artists, American Zoetrope, Cinerenta-Cinebeta

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Fear takes a road trip., They were alone in the middle of nowhere. It's watching. It's waiting. It's hungry., This fall things are getting creepy., On this road in the middle of nowhere evil has found the perfect place to hide. It has a face. It has a home. And worst of all it has a plan., You'll never close your eyes again., WhAT's EATing you?, Evil is right behind you, A nightmare cloaked in rags., The Tastiest Horror Film of the Year!, Get a Taste of the Year's Best Horror Film!, You Are NOT What You Eat..., He's watching... He's waiting... He's hungry..., Things are gonna get creepy...


Susan Stark
Detroit News
by rottentomatoes, Jan 08, 2002
Stephen Hunter
Washington Post
If the reptile brain in you, that ugly little cluster of cerebral cells where all the destructive urges lie, needs a good jolt, Jeepers Creepers offers you just such a treat.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 06, 2002
Nev Pierce
An unsettling, gory, but intelligent horror flick.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 24, 2001

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