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Ill Fated full movie is released on Sep 15, 2004. Watch Ill Fated online - the English Comedy movie from Canada. Ill Fated is directed by Mark A. Lewis and created by Mark A. Lewis with Peter Outerbridge and Paul Campbell. Ill Fated is available online on Amazon Video and Amazon Video.

Mark A. Lewis's tragic-comic adventure ILL FATED plunges the viewer into the boxed-in world of Jimmy, a small-town teen who seeks a better life but who sees dead-end signs at every turn out of town. His vague plan to leave and "look into college" is complicated by a revolving door of small-town complications - the demands of his lumpen best friends, his troubled girlfriend, his promiscuous stepmother and cuckolded stepfather. But the biggest complication of all is the return of his womanizing biological dad Earl, who'd fled in Jimmy's infancy after impregnating the wife of a violent convict (also his best friend). Earl's return is a catalyst to disaster, and a palette for director Lewis to paint a hyper-realist picture of small-town dystopia.ul.

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Ill Fated





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Prehumous Productions Inc., Artifact Films

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Artifact Films


Somewhere.... anywhere... is better than the middle of nowhere

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