Horror full movie is released on May 27, 2003. Watch Horror online - the English Horror movie from United States. Horror is directed by Dante Tomaselli and created by Dante Tomaselli with Kreskin and Lizzy Mahon.

Writer/Director Dante Tomaselli merges two disturbing story lines into this visually arresting chiller. The first involves a band of five teens that escape from a drug rehabilitation center to cash in on a questionable promise of salvation from the psychopathic Reverend Salo Jr.. Leader of the pack Luck, fueled on major hallucinogens, transports the gang to the reverend's isolated house where the basis of the second plot has been set simultaneously. Here lives Grace, Salo Jr.'s daughter, whom he and his equally bizarre wife have enslaved through enforced drug addiction and psychic brainwashing. Grace's only salvation appears to be by the guidance of her paternal grandfather Reverend Salo Sr.. But this hope is quickly jeopardized when it becomes revealed that his comforting visitations may be being made from beyond the grave. Regardless, it is through Grace's visions involving him that she learns of her parent's demonic pastimes, which include abduction, murder, and possibly worse. Shortly after the arrival of the rehab escapees, Luck shoots and kills Salo Jr. and his wife. This eruption of bloody violence becomes the catalyst for the unleashing of dark forces with terrifying results.

As know as:

Ужас, Horror


United States




Expect nothing less than sheer... Horror

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