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Heavy Traffic full movie is released on Feb 01, 1974. Watch Heavy Traffic online - the English Animation movie from United States. Heavy Traffic is directed by Ralph Bakshi and created by Ralph Bakshi with Joseph Kaufmann and Beverly Hope Atkinson. Heavy Traffic is available online on Apple TV and Apple TV.

An animated feature which begins, ends and occasionally combines with, live-action filmed on location. A white dropout struggles to create comics and animated films, drawing inspiration from the harsh, gritty world around him. Still sharing his run-down apartment with his middle-aged parents, an oafish slob of an Italian father and a ditzy nut-case of a Jewish mother, he is ridiculed and looked down upon by his friends, hypocrites who run with violent gangs and the Italian Mafia, and a shallow Black girl who makes her living downtown with the pimps and pushers. This cartoonist gets a chance to pitch a film idea to a movie mogul, but the story proves too outrageous: a far-future Earth, destroyed by war and pollution, where a mutant antihero challenges and kills God. Complications ensue when the cartoonist's parents react in irrational ways to his various involvements.

As know as:

ヘヴィー・トラフィック, Starker Verkehr, Csúcsforgalom, Terafike Sangin, Flipper City


United States


English, Italian, Yiddish

Production Companies:

Cine Camera, Steve Krantz Productions

Official Site:

Official site


The amorous life and misadventures of a virginal young pinball player...his Chicks...his Chums and a host of assorted weirdos in all colors., Heavy Entertainment!, More Spice from the makers of Fritz the Cat!, It's animated, but it's not a cartoon. It's funny, but it's not a comedy. It's real. It's unreal. It's heavy.

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