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Ghouls full movie is released on Jul 12, 2008. Watch Ghouls online - the English Fantasy movie from United States. Ghouls is directed by Gary Jones and created by Kenneth M. Badish with William Atherton and Erin Gray. Ghouls is available online on Tubi TV and Amazon Video.

Stefan invites his daughter, Jennifer, to travel to Romania for the funeral of his mother. His mystic girlfriend Liz travels with them to the cursed village of Pelosoara, where they are welcomed by Stefan's brother Vladimir, and Jennifer finds the locals are very peculiar people. Jennifer learns that she is the only woman from the bloodline of her father. At the funeral a stranger approaches and asks Jennifer to meet him in the square in one hour. When Jennifer arrives at the meeting place, she sees a creature devouring the man she was there to meet and is saved by Thomas. The man tells her that he is the last druid on Earth, protecting the world against the evil ancients. They were defeated by the druids in the past and banished to the spiritual world. That night, there was to be a reclamation ceremony where the evil queen possesses a vessel to open a vortex between the spiritual and the real world to bring the ancients back to Earth. But Jennifer is to find out that things are more complicated and she is more important than she realizes.

As know as:

La Prophétie, Το βασίλειο των πνευμάτων, ビレッヂ 生贄の森, Demónios, Ghouls


United States, Romania



Production Companies:

Active Entertainment, Castel Film Romania, FIWI Entertainment


The Dead Are Waiting

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