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Genghis Khan full movie is released on Jun 23, 1965. Watch Genghis Khan online - the English Adventure movie from United Kingdom. Genghis Khan is directed by Henry Levin and created by Clarke Reynolds with Stephen Boyd and Omar Sharif. Genghis Khan is available online on Apple TV and Amazon Video.

Mostly-fictionalized account of the life of Genghis Khan (Omar Sharif), the Mongol warlord whose 13th-century armies conquered much of the known world. Named Temujin (Carlo Cura), he was taken prisoner by rival warlord Jamuga (Stephen Boyd), and as punishment, was forced to wear a large round wooden stock that severely restricted his movements. With help from two supporters, wise man Geen (Sir Michael Hordern) and strong man Sengal (Woody Strode), he manages to escape. He now begins his quest to unify all of the Mongol tribes. He faces great success, but his old nemesis Jamuga keeps appearing at various times in his life, leading to a final battle between the two.

As know as:

Dschingis Khan, Dzyngis-chan, Genghis Kan, Tsingis Kaani, Djingis Khan


United Kingdom, West Germany, Yugoslavia, United States



Production Companies:

Columbia Pictures, Irving Allen Productions, Central Cinema Company Film (CCC)


Only once in the furied history of adventure and conquest...did one man rule so vast an empire!, Conqueror Of The World's Mightiest Empire!

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