Gale Force full movie is released on Jan 15, 2002. Watch Gale Force online - the English Action movie from United States. Gale Force is directed by Jim Wynorski and created by Patricia McKiou with Treat Williams and Susan Walters.

Scolded one too many times for not playing by the rules, unorthodox cop Sam Garrett is indefinitely suspended, until his boss gives him a proposition. If Garrett will do some good faith work, the boss will see what he can do about getting Garrett back on the job. It involves Garrett signing up for a new reality-based television series called "Treasure Hunt," where the grand prize is $10,000,000 in cold hard cash. Garrett is reluctant to take part, but Garrett realizes that he doesn't have many options, so he accepts. With the show's cast chosen, the show's crew sets off to the island setting to prepare to film the adventure. Greedy studio executive Stuart McMahon preps the contestants for the mission, leaving out some vital information just to add to the program's dramatic effect in hopes of increasing the ratings. But things go horribly wrong with an invasion by a sniper team and its leader, Jared. McMahon has hired Jared and his team to keep the contestants from finding where the box with the money is hidden, and Jared and his team are willing to kill to do it. But that's not all the contestants have to deal with. There is also a powerful category 5 hurricane moving toward the island.

As know as:

Jeux dangereux, Sto eleos tou tyfona, Vent de panique, Силата на урагана, Tempestade Furiosa


United States



Production Companies:

Phoenician Entertainment


Don't mess with mother nature

Cast & Crew

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