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Finding Neverland full movie is released on Dec 17, 2004. Watch Finding Neverland online - the English Biography movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $116,650,613. Finding Neverland is directed by Marc Forster and created by Allan Knee with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. Finding Neverland is available online on fuboTV and Showtime Amazon Channel.

1903 London. Renowned playwright J.M. Barrie (James)'s latest effort has garnered less than positive reviews, something he knew would be the case even before the play's mounting. This failure places pressure on James to write another play quickly as impresario Charles Frohman needs another to replace the failure to keep his theater viable. Out for a walk with his dog in part to let his creative juices flow, James stumbles upon the Llewelyn Davies family: recently widowed Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (the daughter of now deceased author George L. Du Maurier) and her four adolescent sons. James and the family members become friends, largely based on he and the boys being able to foster in each other the imagination of children, James just being the biggest among them in this regard. Sylvia also welcomes James into their lives, he who becomes an important and integral part of it. Among the six of them, the only one who does not want to partake is Sylvia's third, Peter Llewelyn Davies, who is still grieving the reality of their lives, where his father was there one day planning an outing for the family, and gone the next. Two other people who don't appreciate James in the Llewelyn Davies' lives are: his wife, Mary Barrie, who always feels the need to be the responsible one in their relationship and who feels threatened by his friendship with an unmarried woman; and Emma du Maurier, Sylvia's overbearing mother, who sees him as an obstacle to Sylvia moving on with her life with another potential husband, and an impediment to maintaining discipline within the boys. James still hopes to bring Peter out of his self-imposed shell, but in the process comes up with an idea for another play based on an amalgam of himself and Peter, that play which eventually becomes what Charles sees as a largely unmountable and thus doomed production called "Peter Pan". This process of helping Peter could take a step backward when it looks like Sylvia may imminently befall a similar fate to that of her late husband.

As know as:

J.M. Barrie's Neverland, Пътят към Невърленд, Đi Tìm Miền Đất Hứa, Wenn Träume fliegen lernen, Avastades Eikunagimaad

Release Date:

Nov 24, 2004

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Mar 22, 2005


United States, United Kingdom



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Miramax Films

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Miramax, FilmColony, Keylight Productions

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Unlock your imagination., How far can your imagination take you., Where will your imagination take you?


David Ansen
Mingling reality and fantasy, Forster has given us a luminous, touching meditation on life and art.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 13, 2018
Will Self
London Evening Standard
Wooden, yes, and saccharine, too. Oh, and did I mention the neutered whimsy?
by rottentomatoes, Dec 26, 2017
Nell Minow
Common Sense Media
Not about Peter Pan, and not a kids' movie.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 24, 2010

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