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Fast Company full movie is released on Aug 17, 1979. Watch Fast Company online - the English Drama movie from Canada. Fast Company is directed by David Cronenberg and created by Nicholas Campbell with William Smith and Claudia Jennings. Fast Company is available online on VUDU Free and Tubi TV.

Famous drag racer Lonnie 'Lucky Man' Johnson drives a funny car and is the star driver of his sponsor Fast Company, managed by the corrupt Phil Adamson. He also becomes a mentor to the promising racer Billy 'The Kid' Crocker. When Adamson makes a deal with Lonnie's competitor, Gary 'The Blacksmith' Black, he steals the funny car from Lonnie and Billy. When they find out, they take back the car with plans to run it independently in the next race. This infuriates Adamson, who aims to put a clamp on his former star's plans by any means necessary.

As know as:

クローネンバーグのファイヤーボール, Αμόκ στην άσφαλτο, Беспутная компания, 10.000 PS - Vollgasrausch im Grenzbereich, Tensión en el circuito





Production Companies:

Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC), Michael Leibowitz, Quadrant Films


Strap yourself into a car that flies 240 miles an hour down a quarter mile track., Drag racing: that's what FAST COMPANY is all about., 100 minutes of sound and fury exploding on the screen., The danger. The rush. The victory., Life is Fast at 240 Miles per hour..., LONNY Drives a Funny Car, SAMMY is His Girl, Together, They Live Life in the FAST LANE

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