Down Town full movie is released on Feb 17, 2021. Watch Down Town online - the Hindi Crime movie from India. Down Town is directed by Prabhat Sachdeva and created by Ekal Deep Kaur with Amit Bhardwaj and Preet Bhatti.

Down town is a story about a girl SHWETA who find herself in a shady hotel room with her friend abhishek. Who gave her a drink with mix of a drug in it and get the girl in a shady hotel room in a auto Riksha. In little consciousness girl call her friends in hotel room. Two friends reaches right time in the hotel room to save their friend. Matter in a extend reaches to a fight and Abhishek is killed by Shweta's friend Tisha.After finding no way three wants to kill herself by the same revolver one by one. On the otherside the same autoriksha driver JAMAAL make a plan with his friend DESU to loot the couple and reach to the same hotel and in the connecting room.What happens then in these two rooms in a shady hotel name DOWN TOWN.

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Down Town





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Infilms Productions

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