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Django full movie is released on Dec 01, 1966. Watch Django online - the Italian Action movie from Italy , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $25,916. Django is directed by Sergio Corbucci and created by Sergio Corbucci with Franco Nero and José Bódalo. Django is available online on Peacock and Peacock Premium.

Squelching across a God-forsaken ghost town near the US/Mexican border, always dragging a heavy coffin, blue-eyed Django, a drifting, mud-spattered, former Union soldier, saves runaway María from certain death. But, the wooden container with the mysterious content has already caught the attention of the racist ex-Confederate officer, Major Jackson, and his gang of white supremacists, and before long, things get nasty. Now, the guns have the final say, and as if that weren't enough, Jackson's sworn enemy, General Hugo Rodríguez, and his feared revolutionaries, enter the picture, wanting to have a piece of the action. Can Django, the taciturn stranger with the lighting-fast right hand, take on two armies of murderous henchmen, and live to tell the tale?

As know as:

Django - vestens hævner, Django, ο τρομοκράτης του Πάσο Ντόμπλε, 荒野大鏢客續集, Jango, Django - kostaja

Release Date (Streaming):

Jul 31, 2007


Italy, Spain



Production Companies:

B.R.C. Produzione S.r.l., Tecisa

Gross worldwide:



The movie that spawned a genre., A century ago on the low hills along the border between the southern states and turbulent Mexico, a mystery man appeared... a man with a sad, impenetrable face. Who was that man? What was his secret?, DJANGO - The title of a film you'll never forget!, Django. An audacious man of action, capable of a tender, hopeless love which could only last a day... But a day which was worth all eternity., He was pitiless in revenge, quick to decide, and a master of every weapon... a man everybody would liked to have seen dead!, He killed for gold... He killed for his woman... He killed for himself!, Django! A new, ruthless, violent film! Featuring a great new star... Franco Nero! And a great supporting cast!, The Most Controversial and Sought-After Spaghetti Western Of Them All!


Budd Wilkins
Slant Magazine
Sergio Corbucci's film is notable not only for the artistry of its construction, but also for the underlying anger that fuels its political agenda.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 20, 2012

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