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Decoy full movie is released on Sep 14, 1946. Watch Decoy online - the English Crime movie from United States. Decoy is directed by Jack Bernhard and created by Nedrick Young with Jean Gillie and Edward Norris.

Gangster Frank Olins is to die in the gas chamber much to the dismay of his girlfriend Margot Shelby as he is carrying the secret of the location of $400,000 with him. Margot seduces gangster Jim Vincent to get him to engineer the removal of Olins' body from the prison immediately after he dies in the gas chamber. She takes prison doctor Craig away from his nurse/girl friend and gets him to administer an antidote for cyanide gas poisoning. During the removal of Olins' body, the hearse driver is killed by Tommy. The revived Olins gives Margot half of a map showing the money location and Vincent, in a fit of jealousy, kills Olins and takes the other half. Because the doctor's plates on his car will get them through the police roadblocks, Vincent and Margot take him with them on the money hunt.

As know as:

Blonder Lockvogel, Die gefährlichste Frau der Welt, A Mulher Dillinger, Decoy, La rapace


United States



Production Companies:

Bernhard-Brandt Productions


She Treats Men the Way They've Been Treating Women for Years!

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