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Cop Land full movie is released on Aug 15, 1997. Watch Cop Land online - the English Crime movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $44,862,187. Cop Land is directed by James Mangold and created by James Mangold with Sylvester Stallone and Harvey Keitel. Cop Land is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Sometime in the 1970's, police officers from New York City wanted a safe haven to live, away from the dangers of the streets of New York City, this is when they established a "Cop Land" in the small New Jersey town of Garrison. Freddy Heflin who was always admired by the New York cops wanted to become one, but because he was deaf in one ear this prevents him from achieving his goal, but has become sheriff of Garrison. Recently there have been a dark omen surrounding the NYPD, and Freddy is now investigating on this case, then Internal Affairs officer Mo Tilden is also on the case and asks Freddy for help, but Freddy could not. Now Freddy suspects that a New York City cop named Ray Donlan might be one of the many cops who is corrupted by the mob and other criminals. Now, Freddy must find a cop who is nicknamed "Superboy" who can testify against Donlan and protect him, before Donlan finds Superboy and kills him.

As know as:

Võmmipesa, Полицейские, Détectives, Город полицейских, Копланд

Release Date:

Aug 15, 1997

Release Date (Streaming):

Jul 02, 2002


United States


English, Spanish

Stream Service:

Buena Vista Pictures, Miramax Films

Production Companies:

Miramax, Woods Entertainment, Across the River Productions

Official Site:


Gross worldwide:



No One Is Above The Law.


Jason Bailey
'Cop Land' holds up as a pretty good little thriller, a Sidney Lumet movie in a Martin Scorsese movie's clothing.
by rottentomatoes, Aug 26, 2017
Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly
Mangold certainly knew what he was doing when he cast Keitel and De Niro.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 09, 2008
David Edelstein
Cop Land shares its leading man's slow-wittedness, but also his likability.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 09, 2008

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