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Christmas Reservations full movie is released on Nov 02, 2019. Watch Christmas Reservations online - the English Comedy movie from United States. Christmas Reservations is directed by Deanne Foley and created by Keith Giglio with Melissa Joan Hart and Michael Gross. Christmas Reservations is available online on Vudu and Amazon Video.

The Treeline Lodge in the Adirondacks is one of the last family owned and operated ski resorts in the country. Eight years ago, Holly Anderson returned to work at the lodge as its Events Coordinator to help her father, Owner/Operator Tom Anderson, following the passing of Tom's wife/Holly's mother, Holly never having left this employ since in not wanting to abandon her father in his time of need. The wide ranging guests at the lodge this Christmas season include the following. South Asian Preena Patel, who is in the States touring college campuses in choosing where to attend next fall, tricked her chaperon, her "Dadi" (grandmother) into coming here for the holidays, her Dadi who is suspicious enough of Preena wanting to attend college halfway around the world from home. Dadi may become more suspicious if Preena chooses Dartmouth as Preena meets Dartmouth freshman, proverbial geek Leo Demarco, also holidaying at the lodge. 1988 Calgary Olympic silver medalist Duffy Taylor learned how to ski on these slopes, and has been coasting in life on this past glory, while he tries to find his new path. Kay Griffin won this holiday package on a game show and has brought her sister, Tay Griffin, as her plus one. As Kay makes a connection with a former Olympic medalist, never married Tay may find the same with a certain ski lodge owner, Tay whose chance for love is dependent upon some important news she is awaiting from home. And long widowed Kevin Portillo is holidaying with his two preteen children, Aviana and Miles, who are doing whatever they can to convince their father to get them a dog for Christmas. The dog is only one of their Christmas wishes, the other being for their father to find romantic love in his life again. That second wish is dependent upon Holly, she and Kevin who were teetering on more than being just friends when they were college classmates close to twenty years ago. Things may not have changed between them where each can admit to him or herself that the other was the one that got away, but may not be prepared to take the chance to do anything about it.

As know as:

Noël Actually, Reservación para Navidad, Una reserva para el amor, Рождественская неделя, Surpresa de Amor no Natal


United States


English, Spanish

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Hartbreak Films

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