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Brother Bear full movie is released on Nov 01, 2003. Watch Brother Bear online - the Serbian Animation movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $250,397,798. Brother Bear is directed by Aaron Blaise,Robert Walker and created by Tab Murphy with Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Suarez. Brother Bear is available online on Disney Plus and Apple iTunes.

Kenai, a man who resents bears after a fight with one kills his older brother, is turned into a bear so he can see life from a different perspective. He is visited by the spirit of his older brother, and is told that, if he wishes to be changed back into a human, he must travel to the place where the lights touch the Earth, in other words, the Northern Lights. Fueled by hope, Kenai sets off on his long journey, and, along the way, encounters a younger bear, Koda, who is a chatterbox and a fun-loving spirit; Koda is trying to find his way back to his home, the Salmon Run, which, coincidentally, is right next to where the lights touch the Earth. Koda and Kenai team up, but are hunted by Kenai's other brother, Denahi, who fears that the bear has killed Kenai as well. Along the way, the two bears meet other friends, including two moose, some rams, and some mammoths, with whom they hitch a ride. However, Kenai discovers that he likes being a bear, and realizes that humans aren't only afraid of bears; through Koda's eyes, the humans are the monsters, with their long spears. With a whole new view on life, Kenai makes a decision that will change his world forever.

As know as:

ब्रदर बेर, Brālis Lācis, Karhuveljeni Koda, Братик ведмедик, Brother Bear 3D

Release Date:

Nov 01, 2003

Release Date (Streaming):

Mar 30, 2004


United States


Serbian, English, Inuktitut, Croatian

Stream Service:

Buena Vista Pictures

Production Companies:

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, Walt Disney Pictures

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Gross worldwide:



The story of a boy who became a man by becoming a bear., This November, see through another's eyes, feel through another's heart, and discover the meaning of brotherhood., Nature Calls., The Moose Are Loose!, Welcome to a world where animals rule and the only human around... isn't human anymore.


Sheila Norman-Culp
Associated Press
Disney hides the morality tale behind a rip-roaring soundtrack, goofy moose sidekicks and enough bear slapstick to delight any child.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 23, 2019
Neil Norman
London Evening Standard
While the animation itself (from the same team as Mulan) is charming and at times beautiful, the script is banal and uninspired.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 11, 2018
Nell Minow
Common Sense Media
Lackluster story only for kindergarteners.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 22, 2010

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