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Blue Gender: The Warrior full movie is released on Nov 20, 2002. Watch Blue Gender: The Warrior online - the Japanese Animation movie from Japan. Blue Gender: The Warrior is directed by Kôichi Ôhata and created by Daisuke Okamoto with Brice Armstrong and Tomohisa Asô.

Yuji Kaido was diagnosed with a serious disease and since there was no cure for the unknown illness, he was cryogenically frozen. Twenty years later, he wakes up to see the Earth like it has never been before-the humanity is almost eradicated, because of the alien bugs called the Blue. However, the humanity still lives, a few selected humans have retreated to the space station called Second Earth. Yuji is taken back to the Second Earth, where he finds out that there are people that have been also cryogenically frozen and now they will be used as a force to combat the Blue.

As know as:

Blue Gender: The Warrior





Production Companies:

Anime International Company (AIC), Anime International Company (AIC), Bihou

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Official site (Japan)

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