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Blade Runner full movie is released on Jun 25, 1982. Watch Blade Runner online - the Cantonese Action movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $41,722,424. Blade Runner is directed by Ridley Scott and created by Hampton Fancher with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. Blade Runner is available online on Amazon Video and Google Play Movies.

In the early twenty-first century, the Tyrell Corporation, during what was called the Nexus phase, developed robots, called "replicants", that were supposed to aid society, the replicants which looked and acted like humans. When the superhuman generation Nexus 6 replicants, used for dangerous off-Earth endeavors, began a mutiny on an off-Earth colony, replicants became illegal on Earth. Police units, called "blade runners", have the job of destroying - or in their parlance "retiring" - any replicant that makes its way back to or created on Earth, with anyone convicted of aiding or assisting a replicant being sentenced to death. It's now November, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Rick Deckard, a former blade runner, is called out of retirement when four known replicants, most combat models, have made their way back to Earth, with their leader being Roy Batty. One, Leon Kowalski, tried to infiltrate his way into the Tyrell Corporation as an employee, but has since been able to escape. Beyond following Leon's trail in hopes of finding and retiring them all, Deckard believes part of what will help him is figuring out what the replicants wanted with the Tyrell Corporation in trying to infiltrate it. The answer may lie with Tyrell's fail-safe backup mechanism. Beyond tracking the four, Deckard faces a possible dilemma in encountering a fifth replicant: Rachael, who works as Tyrell's assistant. The issue is that Dr. Elden Tyrell is experimenting with her, to provide her with fake memories so as to be able to better control her. With those memories, Rachael has no idea that she is not human. The problem is not only Rachael's assistance to Deckard, but that he is beginning to develop feelings for her.

As know as:

Blade Runner: International Cut, 银翼杀手, Terapealne jooksja, Блејд ранер, Likvidatorius

Release Date:

Jun 25, 1982

Release Date (Streaming):

Oct 30, 2001


United States


Cantonese, Japanese, Hungarian, Arabic, Korean, English, German

Stream Service:

Warner Bros. Pictures

Production Companies:

The Ladd Company, Shaw Brothers, Warner Bros.

Gross worldwide:



A Futuristic Vision Perfected [2007 Final Cut], Man Has Made His Match... Now It's His Problem, A chilling, bold, mesmerizing, futuristic detective thriller., The original cut of the futuristic adventure. [Director's Cut], The star of "RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK" and the director of "ALIEN" take you on a spectacular journey to the savage world of the year 2019!!


Scott Cain
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Ridley Scott ought to be a set decorator, rather than a director. In Blade Runner, he loses sight of the story while devoting all his attention to decor and lighting. The decor and lighting, it must be admitted, are stupendous.
by rottentomatoes, Nov 09, 2021
Zaki Hasan
San Francisco Chronicle
Still profound 18 years after its sell-by date, Blade Runner remains worthy of acclaim and analysis even as it exists in a "future" with very little resemblance to the one that came to pass.
by rottentomatoes, Nov 18, 2019
Bob Thomas
Associated Press
Ridley Scott has produced a new vision that is forbidding.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 17, 2018

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