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Batman vs. Two-Face full movie is released on Oct 10, 2017. Watch Batman vs. Two-Face online - the English Animation movie from United States. Batman vs. Two-Face is directed by Rick Morales and created by Michael Jelenic with Adam West and Burt Ward. Batman vs. Two-Face is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

In Gotham City, a botched experiment by Professor Hugo Strange to extract the evil from Batman's rogues gallery would go disastrously wrong, leaving the noble District Attorney Harvey Dent horrifically scarred both physically and mentally as the dichotomous supervillain, Two-Face. Eventually, Dent is captured by the Dynamic Duo and is seemingly cured of his injuries to help him restart his life as a honest citizen. However, there is later a new wave of crimes by other Batman enemies that has the modus operandi of Two-Face, even while Dent still seems to be innocent. However, Robin, already jealous of Bruce's older friendship with Dent, is not so sure and the Duo has a rift as they disagree about their suspicions. Meanwhile, dark forces plan a horrific fate for Gotham City and Two-Face, or perhaps an impostor, somehow seems to be at the bottom of it.

As know as:

Batman: The Caped Crusaders VS Two-Face, Batman: The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face, Batman Vs. Two-Face, Batman Vs. Dos Caras, Batman vs. Dos Caras

Release Date (Streaming):

Oct 10, 2017


United States



Production Companies:

DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation

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Everyone must face their demons., Heads or tails, Batman?, When a good man with a dark side flips a switch on Gotham City, only the dynamic Duo stands a chance at beating the odds.

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