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Babes in Arms full movie is released on Oct 13, 1939. Watch Babes in Arms online - the English Comedy movie from United States. Babes in Arms is directed by Busby Berkeley and created by Jack McGowan with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. Babes in Arms is available online on Amazon Video and Apple TV.

Mickey Moran, a talented singer and musician, is son of a veteran from show business. Mickey has a partner, Patsy Barton, a pretty girl and also a very talented singer. One day, a big opportunity arrives for Mickey, a big contract to set up his own show. However, things don't go well, and in order to avoid being sent to a work farm, he'll improvise a show in the country, despite the awful weather conditions. Patsy's in love with Mickey, he loves her, too, but for him the show must go on, and his big dream maybe will come true: to formally stage his play in a big scenario, with a huge production.

As know as:

Place au rythme, T'anilika en drasei, Дети в доспехах, Sangue de Artista, Theaterkinder


United States



Production Companies:

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


Laugh LOADED! Song SPLASHED! Joy JAMMING! (print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalanche - Palace Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - Nov. 25, 1939), 4 NEW SONG HITS(print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalance - Place Theatre -Lubbock, Texas - Nov.25, 1939 - all caps), MICKEY SWINGS 'EM- JUDY SINGS 'EM! (print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalanche - Palace Theatre - Nov. 25, 1939 -all caps), Musical extravaganza with pleasing music, attractive dancing and amusing impersonations. Hold your hats, boys, and anything else that might shake off your lap while you're laughing, they don't come any funnier than this. (Print Ad- Newmarket Era, ((Newmarket, PO)) 25 January 1940), You'll rave about Rooney, go ga-ga over Garland, have the time of your life! It's the most delightfully different, most gloriously youthful musical M-G-M has ever made! (Print Ad- Philadelphia Inquirer, ((Philadelphia, Penna.)) 1 October 1939), Laugh LOADED! Song SPLASHED! Joy JAMMED! (Print Ad- Union Democrat, ((Sonora, Calif.)) 5 January 1940), The big musical fun show!

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