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American Psycho full movie is released on Apr 14, 2000. Watch American Psycho online - the English Crime movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $34,266,564. American Psycho is directed by Mary Harron and created by Bret Easton Ellis with Christian Bale and Justin Theroux. American Psycho is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

It's the late 1980s. Twenty-seven year old Wall Streeter Patrick Bateman travels among a closed network of the proverbial beautiful people, that closed network in only they able to allow others like themselves in in a feeling of superiority. Patrick has a routinized morning regimen to maintain his appearance of attractiveness and fitness. He, like those in his network, are vain, narcissistic, egomaniacal and competitive, always having to one up everyone else in that presentation of oneself, but he, unlike the others, realizes that, for himself, all of these are masks to hide what is truly underneath, someone/something inhuman in nature. In other words, he is comprised of a shell resembling a human that contains only greed and disgust, greed in wanting what others may have, and disgust for those who do not meet his expectations and for himself in not being the first or the best. That disgust ends up manifesting itself in wanting to rid the world of those people, he not seeing them as people but only of those characteristics he wants to rid.

As know as:

아메리칸 사이코, 美國殺人魔, Американський психопат, Kẻ Sát Nhân Cuồng Tín, Psicopata Americano

Release Date:

Apr 14, 2000

Release Date (Streaming):

Jun 21, 2005


United States, Canada


English, Spanish, Cantonese

Stream Service:

Lionsgate Films

Production Companies:

Am Psycho Productions, Lions Gate Films, Muse Productions

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No Introduction Necessary., I think my mask of sanity is about to slip, Killer looks., No introductions necessary., Killer inside., From the controversial best-seller by Bret Easton Ellis


Lisa Alspector
Chicago Reader
The slick satire cleverly equates materialism, narcissism, misogyny, and classism with homicide, but you may laugh so loud at the protagonist that you won't be able to hear yourself laughing with him.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 28, 2011
Desson Thomson
Washington Post
It's hard to summon up enthusiasm for a performance so rooted in bloody banality. I mean, as Patrick, Bale's most emotionally pressing dilemma is: Chainsaw or butcher knife?
by rottentomatoes, Mar 28, 2011
David Edelstein
American Psycho is nearly perfect for what it is, but before we go on, we should ask what that actually amounts to. Can something with so rigid a thesis be a real work of art?
by rottentomatoes, Mar 28, 2011

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