Aashirwad full movie is released on Mar 09, 2019. Watch Aashirwad online - the Hindi Drama movie from India. Aashirwad is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and created by Anil Ghosh with Ashok Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar.

the main character Jogi Thakur (Ashok Kumar) is a straightforward individual with lofty ideals. He is a local son-in-law who, together with his wife, has received gifts from his father-in-estate. law's When he learns that the head accountant of the estate had deftly obtained his signatures on an order that the homes of the poor be burned, on his wife's orders, the chief accountant of the estate divorces him from an autocratic landlady (Veena). He leaves his daughter Neena behind and swears never to return for the rest of his life. He relocates to Mumbai and finds work entertaining kids in a park (the song "Rail Gaadi," regarded as India's first rap song). He has a special affection for a girl named Neena, who is also played by tiny Sarika. Sadly, the girl becomes unwell and passes away. When Jogi eventually makes it back to his hometown of Chandanpur, he discovers that Baiju, the daughter of one of his village friends, has been kidnapped. In order to save the girl from being raped by the estate's crafty chief accountant, he goes to the scene and kills the man. The villagers fabricate a tale to shield him, but he decides to reveal the truth in court and is sent in jail. He begins cultivating the garden there and writing philosophic poems while he is there. Dr. Biren (Sanjeev Kumar), the jail's physician, has a particular fondness for him. Neena, the daughter of Jogi Thakur, will unintentionally marry the physician. By coincidence, Jogi Thakur learns this while tending to the garden outside the doctor's office and overhearing their chats. He discovers that his daughter despises criminals as well. He avoids looking at her on the few occasions they do interact. Unfortunately, he becomes unwell right after the government pardons him for his good behaviour. He has become like a father figure to the doctor. He informs Jogi Thakur that the night before his wedding will be the day he is released from prison. Jogi Thakur rushes to meet his daughter because he is moved by the desire to see her wedding. He does not want to be recognised, though. Finally, he goes to where his daughter and son-in-law are distributing food to the beggars who have gathered for a treat for the wedding. He is able to bless her before quickly leaving. But when he passes out on the sidewalk, people start to assemble around him because they recognise him. When his daughter hears the news, she runs to the scene to see her father just in time. Overall, the film is an emotional journey through the life of a man who upholds his morals before finally succumbing to his daughter's love.

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