Aakhri Mulaqat - A never ending love story full movie is released on Jul 30, 2021. Watch Aakhri Mulaqat - A never ending love story online - the Hindi Musical movie from India. Aakhri Mulaqat - A never ending love story is directed by Nishant Sharma and created by Aditi Sarin with Kartikey Sati and Nishant Sharma.

Rahul Mehta, an engineering aspirant, is head over heels in love with his girlfriend Sonia Sharma.Sonia tells Rahul that her father refused their proposal of getting married together,Rahul makes Sonia believe that everything is gonna be fine and that they will end up together if she talks to her father again. Sonia's father gets really angry when she tries again to talk to him and tells her that if she ever mentioned Rahul's name she will see her father dead. Sonia, depressed and devastated calls Rahul to tell him everything and hangs up crying. Rahul realizes that they can't be together and that day on the beach was their last encounter. Sad and depressed he texts Sonia for the last time and commits suicide by jumping and drowning in the sea. When Sonia realizes that Rahul committed suicide she kills herself too by slitting her wrist and leaves a letter writing her reply to the final text sent to her by Rahul.

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Aakhri Mulaqat - A never ending love story





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Strymphony Music Entertainment

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