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A Storybook Christmas full movie is released on Dec 06, 2019. Watch A Storybook Christmas online - the English Comedy movie from Canada. A Storybook Christmas is directed by Curtis Crawford and created by Jennifer Edwards with Ali Liebert and Jake Epstein. A Storybook Christmas is available online on Amazon Video and Vudu.

It's the Christmas season, and it's busier than usual for Celeste Everette. In addition to starting up her own event planning company with her best friend Molly, it arguably the busiest season in the business, she is also now the guardian for her niece, Finley, since the accidental death of her parents, Celeste's sister Julie and her husband Mark just over a year ago. This will be their second Christmas together as a family, Celeste who wants to maintain as many as Julie's traditions as possible as a semblance of normalcy for Finley. With all these issues, Celeste has already postponed her wedding to attorney Brandon, who is facing his own time commitment issues being assigned first chair in a big case which could result in him making partner. And at the last minute, insecure Finley, as the understudy, has to take over the lead in her ballet school's production of The Nutcracker, which will require more of her time for rehearsal. Even naturally organized Celeste, who has a plan and schedule for everything, finally admits that with this last minute wrench she cannot be all things to all people, and despite the improbability of finding someone she trusts on such short notice, goes on for a search for a live-in nanny for the holiday season. Through a trusted business contact, she is able to secure Taylor Haldway for the position, she not realizing that Taylor is a "he" and not a "she" as she expected until his arrival on her doorstep. Taylor, who has worked as a nanny before but only as a side to his main career, the two which he sees as mutually beneficial, has his own motives for taking this last minute job. Celeste and Taylor may not be able to survive the way the other operates, Taylor who believes in some freedom in life especially to deal with its unexpected problems and pleasures. In being able to take a bit of how the other operates to the benefit of their own life, Celeste and Taylor begin to fall for each other, which they may not be able to admit even to themselves especially with Brandon in the picture. But Taylor's main career may get in the way of a Celeste-Taylor happily ever after in more ways than one, most specifically as Celeste deals with who is arguably her most demanding, fickle yet important Christmas client, Hanna Duvall of Duvall Publishing.

As know as:

Un babysitter per Natale, Сказочное Рождество, Pas de plan pour Noël, Una babysitter per Natale, The Plan for Christmas





Production Companies:

NB Thrilling Films 2

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