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A Bug's Life full movie is released on Nov 25, 1998. Watch A Bug's Life online - the English Animation movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $363,258,859. A Bug's Life is directed by John Lasseter,Andrew Stanton and created by John Lasseter with David Foley and Kevin Spacey. A Bug's Life is available online on Disney Plus and Apple iTunes.

At an annual pace, a huge colony of ants is forced to collect every piece of food that grows on their island for a group of menacing grasshoppers. But that all changes when a misfit inventor ant named Flik accidentally knocks over the offering pile thus forcing the grasshoppers' devious leader Hopper to force the ants to redo their gathering of food. Despite the fact that his friends don't believe him and desperate to help save the colony, Flik volunteers to go out into the world and search for a group of 'warrior' bugs. Instead, what he got was a talented group of circus performers. But when the grasshoppers return and take control of the island, Flik must prove himself a true hero before it's too late.

As know as:

Bichos: una aventura en miniatura, Thế Giới Côn Trùng, حياة حشرة, Das große Krabbeln, A Bug's Life - Megaminimondo

Release Date:

Nov 14, 1998

Release Date (Streaming):

Nov 06, 2001


United States



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Buena Vista Pictures, Buena Vista International [us]

Production Companies:

Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

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An epic of miniature proportions.


Rebecca Long
Critics who write off A Bug's Life focus on the surface-level plot about Flik's individual perseverance ... But under this palatable veneer is a story about workers' rights.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 01, 2021
Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly
A Bug's Life may be the single most amazing film I've ever seen that I couldn't fall in love with.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 07, 2011
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal
This animated fable teems with vivid creatures standing on their own countless feet.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 25, 2011
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