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A zombie and a writer team up to solve crimes in this thrilling drama that explores what happens when someone actually comes back to life. After being secretly buried on a hill, Moo Young comes back to life as a zombie thanks to illegally dumped medical waste. With his memory gone, he eventually accepts reality and does whatever he can to walk and look like a human. Luckily, his peculiarly developed sense of smell allows him to position himself as one of the prominent businesses in the field of private investigation, finding the bodies of those who are reported missing. Seon Ji, who once was a writer for a TV show that deals with issues regarding current affairs, is employed as a part-time assistant at Moo Young’s agency.

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Zombie Detective (also know as Jombitamjeong) is released in 2020. Watch Zombie Detective all seasons full episodes online - the Korean Comedy TV series from South Korea. Zombie Detective is directed by Jae Hyun Shim and created by Eun-jin Baek with Choi Jin-Hyuk and Park Ju-hyun. Zombie Detective is available online on Kocowa and Rakuten Viki.