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A long time ago, the Earth was at the brink of destruction after King Demon Beasts wreaked havoc, but the monsters were sealed with the help of Ultra Warriors. As a child, Naomi Yumeno has a strange dream of a warrior of light fighting against a monster. This dream eventually inspired her to form the mysterious phenomenon investigation site called SSP. In the present day, Naomi, Jetta, and Shin search for the giant monster that causes strange changes in the weather. During Naomi's investigation, her uncle Ittetsu and the VTL officers investigate a giant monster called Maga-Basser. As Naomi gets caught in the monster's gust, she is saved by Gai Kurenai, whose true identity is Ultraman Orb, a warrior from the outer space, whose mission is to stop the resurrection of the Demon King Beasts. Using two cards which hold the power of past Ultramen, Gai scans them through his Orb Ring and uses Fusion Up to transform. From behind the scenes, the mysterious Jugglus Juggler laughs as he has the Dark Ring in his possession.

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Ultraman Orb (also know as Urutoraman Ôbu) is released in 2016. Watch Ultraman Orb all seasons full episodes online - the Japanese Action TV series from Japan. Ultraman Orb is directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi,Ryûichi Ichino,Yûichi Abe,Suguru Tomita and created by Junichiro Ashiki with Hideo Ishiguro and Miyabi Matsuura. Ultraman Orb is available online on Tubi TV and Pluto TV.