The Quest

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Season 1

Sep 22, 1976

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The Quest is released in 1976. Watch The Quest all seasons full episodes online - the English Western TV series from United States. The Quest is directed by Bernard McEveety,Corey Allen,Earl Bellamy,Barry Crane and created by Tracy Keenan Wynn with Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson.

Morgan and Quentin Beaudine are two brothers in the West, who were separated as children, when Morgan and their sister were stolen by some Indians. Morgan would spend several years with them, answering to the name Two Persons, until the army liberates and reunites him with Quentin, now a doctor. Together they search for their sister who is still with the Indians.


A big, brawling Western in the great tradition! Two brothers in an action packed search for their Indian-held sister. Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson are the brothers!