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 Season 9

In the ninth and final season, Frankie and Mike had hoped to find themselves with an emptier nest, but with Axl now back at home, they find that hope quickly fading. Meanwhile, Sue and Sean Donahue will have to work out their unrequited feelings. And Brick makes a play to be more popular in high school. But, being a Heck, things almost never go quite as smoothly as you’d like!

 Season 8

In Season 8, the Heck kids break out of their comfort zones and navigate new situations. Axl discovers the love of his life. Sue changes her major to drama. And Brick has made it his mission to fit in with his high school peers. With an emptier nest, Frankie and Mike cut back on the parental duties – easier said than done as parenting continues no matter where your kids are!

 Season 7

The Middles seventh smash season sees the Hecks breaking out of their comfort zones and navigating new situations than what they're used to.

 Season 6

It's Season Six, and where in the heck will the Hecks go from here? As the kids – Axl, Sue and Brick – keep getting older, Frankie and Mike think family life is going to get easier, but they couldn't be more wrong! Bigger kids only means bigger problems! Whatever the Hecks do, do not attempt it at home!

 Season 5

The quirky misadventures of one of the Heartland’s most hilarious families continue as the middle returns for a fifth fitful season… and family dynamics have never been funnier. As a middle-aged, middle-class, middle USA mom, Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) tackles the mundane chaos of everyday life, while kids continually manufacture drama, while her husband offers support from the sidelines.

 Season 4

While an unexpected turn of events might force Frankie to reevaluate her career at the car dealership, Mike's made it his mission to ensure that Axl somehow earns a sports scholarship to college next year. Meanwhile, Sue's not only navigating high school, but wants to navigate Indiana roads by getting her driver's license. It's no wonder that youngest son Brick keeps his nose in a book!

 Season 3

The Heck family returns for another season of offbeat fun – with one foot in reality and the other on a greasy fast-food wrapper. Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn star as Frankie and Mike Heck, frazzled parents trying to stretch their patience…

 Season 2

In season two of this hilarious comedy, Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond) guest stars as Brick’s teacher who accuses Frankie of being an overprotective mom. Plus, viewers are introduced to Mike’s brother, Rusty (Norm McDonald, Saturday Night Live)...

 Season 1

Emmy® winner Patricia Heaton stars in this warm and witty comedy about raising a family and lowering your expectations. Middle-aged, middle class and living in the middle of the country, she uses her wit and humor to get by.

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The Middle is released in 2009 and the latest season 9 of The Middle is released in 2017. Watch The Middle all seasons full episodes online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Middle is directed by Lee Shallat Chemel,Phil Traill,Elliot Hegarty,Blake T. Evans and created by Eileen Heisler with Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn. The Middle is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Following a woman named Frankie, and her boisterous family, the Hecks. Her husband, Mike, her daughter, Sue, and her two sons, Axl, and Brick go on what you might call family adventures as they explore life and its meaning. Mike and Frankie Heck watch their three crazy children grow up into young adults.


Just like your family...kind of. Not really. Well, maybe.

What the heck.