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Lucy wakes every night at exactly 3:33am. Nothing in her life has made sense for a long time. But the answers are out there, somewhere, at the end of a trail of brutal murders.

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The Devil's Hour is released in 2022. Watch The Devil's Hour all seasons full episodes online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. The Devil's Hour is directed by Johnny Allan,Isabelle Sieb and created by Tom Moran with Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi.

A woman keeps waking up every night at exactly 3.33 AM, in the middle of the so-called devil's hour between 3AM and 4AM, for seemingly no reason. A social worker and a mother to her strangely detached son Isaac, Lucy Chambers keeps getting deja-vu, and visions of things that have never happened. At the same time, police are investigating a seemingly random chain of murders that somehow connect to Lucy and her son Isaac.


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