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 Season 3

Tintin gets more than he bargained for when he buys a model of a sailing ship for Capt. Haddock that the seaman finds is unexpectedly familiar.

 Season 2

Tintin and Haddock are invited by Professor Calculus at the space center in Central Europe. While visiting, dog Snowy gets trapped in a Moon-bound rocket. It's up to Calculus to build a space rocket for humans to rescue Snowy.

 Season 1

A giant meteoroid approaches the Earth, spotted from an observatory by Professor Calculus, and he and a self-proclaimed prophet, Philippulus, predicts the meteoroid will hit Earth and cause the end of the world. The meteoroid misses Earth, but a fragment of it plunges into the Arctic Ocean. Calculus determined that the object is made of a new material arranges an expedition to find it with Tintin, Haddock and Detectives Thompson and Thomson.

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The Adventures of Tintin is released in 1991 and the latest season 3 of The Adventures of Tintin is released in 1992. Watch The Adventures of Tintin all seasons full episodes online - the French Animation TV series from France. The Adventures of Tintin is directed by Stéphane Bernasconi and created by Amélie Aubert with Colin O'Meara and Thierry Wermuth. The Adventures of Tintin is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies.