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In one short year, Jonathan Archer, captain of the starship Enterprise NX-01, has made a name for himself and his crew, both with his Starfleet superiors and perhaps less favorably with mankind's alien neighbors.

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Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the warp engine pioneer Henry, assembles a crew and takes the new starship Enterprise out into the heavens.

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Star Trek: Enterprise (also know as Enterprise) is released in 2001 and the latest season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise is released in 2004. Watch Star Trek: Enterprise all seasons full episodes online - the English Action TV series from United States. Star Trek: Enterprise is directed by David Livingston,Allan Kroeker,Michael Vejar,Roxann Dawson and created by Rick Berman with Scott Bakula and John Billingsley. Star Trek: Enterprise is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

The year is 2151. Earth has spent the last 88 years since learning how to travel faster than the speed of light studying under the wisdom of their alien ally called the 'Vulcans'. Now, the first crew of human explorers sets out into deep space on a ship called the 'Enterprise' to see what is beyond our solar system.


Before Janeway...and Picard...before Spock...and Kirk...the Star Trek saga began.

Meet Kirk's Childhood Hero

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