Small & Mighty

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Season 1

Jun 15, 2022

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Small & Mighty is released in 2022. Watch Small & Mighty all seasons full episodes online - the Chinese Comedy TV series from Taiwan. Small & Mighty is directed by with Bo-lin Chen and Hsueh-Fu Kuo.

Liu Lang, a crafty and avaricious lawyer, who cares about nothing but money. He's willing to do anything just to win and get what he wants, he has no morals and he doesn't care about other people. One day, a little boy Liang Liang turns up at his door and calls him "daddy", he refuses to believe it. Although Liang Liang is sweet and thoughtful, all Liu Lang wants is getting rid of him...not entirely sure if he has unknowingly fathered a child, he has to keep Liang Liang for now. To add insult to his injury, Liu Lang's career is ruined by the rookie lawyer Lin Xiao Yan, and he gets kicked out by his law firm with a tainted reputation. On his way back to the top, he gradually warms up to Liang Liang and truly cares for him, his values are also changing.