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When Şahsu goes to Adana for a lecture, it’s the perfect chance to face her estranged grandfather. But soon, she finds herself in the midst of a legend.

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Shahmaran (also know as Sahmaran) is released in 2023. Watch Shahmaran all seasons full episodes online - the Turkish Adventure TV series from Turkey. Shahmaran is directed by Umur Turagay and created by Pinar Bulut with Serenay Sarikaya and Burak Deniz. Shahmaran is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

Sahsu is determined to confront his grandfather, who left his mother years ago in Adana, where he went as a lecturer. On this journey, he finds himself in the middle of an unusual and mysterious community called Mar, descended from Sahmaran. Believing in the legend of Shahmaran, one of the greatest symbols of love and wisdom, the Mar race awaits the completion of the historical prophecy with the arrival of Sahsu. Nothing will be the same again when Sahsu and Maran cross paths, who set out to ask her grandfather to account for the past...