Non mi lasciare

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Season 1

Jan 10, 2022

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Non mi lasciare is released in 2022. Watch Non mi lasciare all seasons full episodes online - the Italian Crime TV series from Italy. Non mi lasciare is directed by Ciro Visco and created by Ivano Fachin with Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Roja.

Elena is a policewoman who investigates cyber-crimes and violence against minors. She follows with passion cases of children who have disappeared. The discovery of a young boy's body in the Venice lagoon brings her back in the city she had left twenty years ago. In Venice, Elena reunites with Daniele, the great love of her youth. He is now deputy commissioner of the Homicide Squad. He is responsible for this case and married to Giulia, Elena's best friend. Past mixes with present, while Elena attempts to capture the monsters and save the children who have fallen into their nets.