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 Season 5

The gang has been in the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours and the Professor is at risk. To make matters worse, a new adversary is coming: the army.

 Season 4

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 Season 3

Three years after the heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, the robbers are enjoying their lives paired-up in diverse locations.

 Season 2

The Professor and his team reunite to free Rio, this time targeting the Bank of Spain with a daring and dangerous new plan. The Resistance continues.

 Season 1

Under the guidance of The Professor, a group of eight very peculiar robbers have attacked the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain and took hostages to carry out the most perfect robbery in the history, aiming to take home 2.4 billion Euros in cash.

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Money Heist (also know as La casa de papel) is released in 2017 and the latest season 5 of Money Heist is released in 2021. Watch Money Heist all seasons full episodes online - the Spanish Action TV series from Spain. Money Heist is directed by Jesús Colmenar,Alex Rodrigo,Koldo Serra,Alejandro Bazzano and created by Álex Pina with Úrsula Corberó and Álvaro Morte. Money Heist is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

To carry out the biggest heist in history, a mysterious man called The Professor recruits a band of eight robbers who have a single characteristic: none of them has anything to lose. Five months of seclusion memorizing every step, every detail, every probability culminate in eleven days locked up in the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain, surrounded by police forces and with dozens of hostages in their power, to find out whether their suicide wager will lead to everything or nothing.


The Perfect Robbery

The World's Greatest Heist Comes to an End