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As the town members’ bond is stronger than ever, the mysterious arrival of new hotel owners threatens the balance of Midnight.

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Midnight, Texas is released in 2017 and the latest season 2 of Midnight, Texas is released in 2018. Watch Midnight, Texas all seasons full episodes online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Midnight, Texas is directed by David Solomon,Nick Gomez,Tim Andrew,Rob Greenlea and created by Charlaine Harris with François Arnaud and Dylan Bruce. Midnight, Texas is available online on Peacock Premium and Apple iTunes.

Follows the lives of the inhabitants of a small town where the concept of normal is relative. A haven for vampires, witches, psychics, hit men, and others with extraordinary backgrounds, Midnight gives outsiders a place to belong. The town members form a strong and unlikely family as they work together to fend off the pressures of unruly biker gangs, questionable police officers, and shades of their own dangerous pasts.


Only outsiders fit in.

From the author behind True Blood

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