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Jun 09, 2022

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Love Mechanics is released in 2022. Watch Love Mechanics all seasons full episodes online - the Thai Drama TV series from Thailand. Love Mechanics is directed by Lit Samajarn and created by Natthakorn Julrasorn with Ratsameerat Wanarat and Anan Wong.

Mark is a freshman engineering student who is challenged against Vee, a senior, because he has feelings for Bar, Vee's best friend who is dating Todsagun. Vee makes every effort to protect his friend and chase Mark away. Everything messes up when Mark and Vee have a one-night stand. Unexpected love blooms between the two, but things aren't going to be easy because Vee has a girlfriend named Ploy. Despite Vee's confusion and doubts about his ambiguous relationship, Mark has lost in reverie. Meanwhile, both seniors, Nuea and Mark's ex-boyfriend, Pack, enter the complex and confusing love.