Louis Theroux: Dark States

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Louis Theroux visits three American cities and examines a uniquely devastating human crisis in each - heroin addiction, sex trafficking and murder.

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Louis Theroux: Dark States is released in 2017. Watch Louis Theroux: Dark States all seasons full episodes online - the English Documentary TV series from United Kingdom. Louis Theroux: Dark States is directed by Dan Child,Jason Massot,Jamie Pickup and created by Louis Theroux with Louis Theroux and Mickey Watson. Louis Theroux: Dark States is available online on fuboTV and Spectrum On Demand.

BBC2 documentary film maker Louis Theroux investigates the current situations of three US cities which, for varying reasons, have seen their current situations of deprivation intensify in recent years. Theroux analyses the long-lasting negative effects these catalysts of destruction have had on the citizens, the culture and the infastructure of these cities.