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Hot Skull (also know as Sicak Kafa) is released in 2022. Watch Hot Skull all seasons full episodes online - the Turkish Adventure TV series from Turkey. Hot Skull is directed by Mert Baykal,Umur Turagay and created by Mert Baykal with Osman Sonant and Sevket Çoruh. Hot Skull is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

Set in a World shaken by an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech, the reclusive former linguist Murat Siyavus, having taken refuge at his mother's home, is the only person mysteriously unaffected by this disease. Hunted by the ruthless Anti-Epidemic Institution, Murat is forced to leave the safe zone and flee within the flames and ruins of the streets of Istanbul, where he searches for the secret of his "hot skull" a lasting mark of the disease.