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In the world of fandom, nothing is too much. Being a fanatic of something makes our lives exciting, meaningful, and fulfilling. This fanatic romance comedy will show you what it takes to be a fanatic fan, and what it means to be a “Deokhoo”, fangirl. Sung Deok Mi is one such person who takes her professional life serious, and someone who takes her private life of being a fanatic fan even more. Ryan Gold, who is a man drenched with success, enters Deok Mi’s life at the Chaeum Art Gallery as the new director and slowly starts to fall for her charms. After slowly getting to know each other, Ryan learns Deok Mi is a serious fan of Cha Shi An, an idol singer, of whom she secretly runs a fan page of. And through her craze, he starts to take interest in being a fan himself and gradually delves into the life of being a fanatic fan. Watch as these two characters take the meaning of being a fan to a new level as they fall in love.

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Her Private Life (also know as Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal) is released in 2021. Watch Her Private Life all seasons full episodes online - the Korean Comedy TV series from South Korea. Her Private Life is directed by Jong-Chan Hong and created by Hye Young Kim with Ahn Bo-Hyun and Park Jin-Joo. Her Private Life is available online on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.